About us

Story of our restaurant

FAROS GROUP aims to be a leading presence in the restaurant and hotel industry, striving to provide our guests with unforgettable experiences and add value to their lives. Our vision is to become an innovative and sustainable company, keeping abreast of industry developments, and creating solutions that bring value to our employees and guests.

Embracing creativity and developing distinctive business models, we endeavor to contribute to the welfare of society. Our fundamental principles of guest satisfaction and employee happiness guide us as we continue our operations with dedication and a commitment to quality. FAROS GROUP accepts being known as an organization that lights the way to the future and stands at the forefront of its industry.

As we embrace the concept of lighting the way to the future, we pledge to be a pioneering and exemplary enterprise at every step. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are the foundation of our business and our greatest achievement. Our aim is to touch our guests’ lives and create memorable experiences that hold a special place in their memories. We consider it our duty to provide them with cherished moments through the experiences we offer.

By closely monitoring industry developments, we shape our operations with innovative and sustainable approaches. As an environmentally conscious business, we aspire to take a leading role in areas such as conserving natural resources, energy efficiency, and waste management. We are aware of our responsibility towards society and integrate sustainability principles into our business practices transparently and inclusively.

Our employees are the cornerstone of the FAROS GROUP family. Through their motivation, dedication, and professionalism, we create quality service and a warm atmosphere. Supporting continuous development and unleashing their potential, we enable our employees to advance in their careers. Through teamwork, we bring together diverse ideas and foster a culture of continuous learning by sharing best practices.

At FAROS GROUP, we value our responsibility to contribute to the well-being of our community. We approach the needs of society with sensitivity through social projects and aid activities. By conducting projects in education, culture, and the environment, we aim to support the development of our community.

As a company that lights the way to the future, we are determined to strengthen our leading role in our industry. Our innovative mindset, commitment to quality service, and dedication to society drive us to earn the trust of both our guests and employees. Our mission is to turn our vision into reality and become an exemplary business for future generations.